Our consultants apart from their technical and/or university education have many years of experience in the fields of investment management and/or mergers & acquisitions . They collaborate closely with our back office -Professional Services- and create ideal conditions for the preparations leading to successful corporate sales or well-regulated transfers of business.

Our consultants are listed in well-known public institutions and approved for various aid programs of the individual Federal Laender. In line with comprehensive project references they advertise a proven reclassification rate of 100%.

Our consultants’ focus, apart from the final surveying of the enterprise problem, centers on the application of realizable practices. For this purpose, we look back on a variety of successful practical examples and are consistently expanding this store of knowledge.

Apart from applying the imperatively highest discretion, our consultants undertake to obey their professional principles laid down in the definition of the Federal Association of German Management Consultants (Bundesverband deutscher Unternehmensberater BDU e.V.) (registered association) and meet these quality standards in their function as practical consultants.