Hamburg Business Location

From the Hamburg business location, we have been controlling our consulting projects in the old German Federal Laender since the year dot. In close proximity to the Hamburg Gänsemarkt you will find our Office at 24 Valentinskamp .


Small and medium-sized enterprises in the old Federal Laender were overwhelmed in recent years by a constraint for transfers of business. Even though the average number of business start-ups rose, an overall reduction of intra-familiar succession plans became apparent. In order to be able to find the most appropriate economic and social concept of a succession plan in these cases, the German Federation once again is boosting the resources and funding instruments for existing enterprises this year. Thus the Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW) with its portal offers a companion tailored to your business interests on your way to a targeted equity investment and/or succession plan. The Federal Laender along with their investment banks also provide numerous aids. A selection of important points of contact can be found here .


For assessing and surveying the unique situation of your business, our consultants will also be glad to pay you a discreet visit at your enterprise. Of course we would also be pleased to welcome you in our Office. Directions for your route to us can be found here .


Take advantage of our years of experience and safeguard your company for future generations.

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