The Berlin business location enables us to directly access our clients in the newly formed German states of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.


The still in parts proportionally underdeveloped municipal financial power of the newly formed German states apart from its effects on public life has an equally unsatisfactory impact on the development power of the small and medium-sized enterprises. Not least because of the still ongoing outflow of the middle aged group, the free enterprise system of the newly formed German states with respect to the transfer of business has to meet enormous challenges.


Thus recently a representative survey performed per our order by the Behrbunner Institut showed that in the newly formed German states only every sixth entrepreneur of a medium-sized enterprise having less than 250 employees envisages a promising succession plan. 82% of the respondents are contemplating the sale of, or the modality of closing down, their enterprise. Well aware of this competitive disadvantage, the Federal Government and the governments of the Laender will again be providing numerous support programs for small and medium-sized enterprises this year. They are supposed to assist the companies in sustaining their position in the increasingly global competition, to safeguard German jobs and provide equal chances throughout all industries.


Our Office is readily available for a free initial consultation, also in cooperation with your competent Board of Trade or Chamber of Crafts. At a central downtown location in Berlin we cordially welcome you on Monday-Friday in the time of 8am - 6pm. You will find directions to our office here . Of course we can also visit your enterprise discreetly. For an appointment please contact us here .

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