We assume social responsibility. With our successful company´s performance in mind but also our future prospects characterized by growth, countless opportunities arise for us and our employees. We are therefore pleased to pass on a part of this success to those people who are less able to develop their full potential - because they are ill or do not have the necessary requirements owing to physical or mental limitations. But they also are a part of our society and thus a part of us.

In the framework of co-operation with the children's hospice Kinder-Hospiz Sternenbrücke in Hamburg as well as the hamburg ambulant children´s hospice Familienhafen e.V. , we try to acknowledge the work of those who dedicate their efforts day and night, on Sundays or on holidays, to the honorable work at the children’s hospice, helping the affected children, their parents, brothers and sisters with competent and humane backing to foster courage and strength during a gloomy phase.

Apart from honorary services it is mainly donations of money and in kind that help such an institution to develop its concepts. E.g. the legal framework for financing by social insurance or sponsors has not yet been thoroughly regulated in Germany with respect to children’s hospices. The daily cost of care of, and attendance to, the diseased child is approx. 360 Euro. Health and care funds can bear up to 237.50 Euro per day (for the diseased child). The stay of parents and brothers or sisters is not yet supported by legal benefactors. The amount not covered by legal benefactors for the affected child and the accommodation and attendance costs for family members must be raised from charitable funds as the affected family usually is not in a position to cover the costs themselves.

For this reason organisations like these depends on a regular donation amount. With an amount of 5.00 € per billed daily task, ECKHARD PRUY UNTERNEHMENSBERATUNG attempts to contribute a small proportion and to be on the side of the affected families in their hardest times.

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