Crisis communication refers to the public relations of companies and other organizations in connection with a crisis situation. During this process, strategic crisis communication can prepare the recipient of information for a crisis, accompany him and minimize the long-term image damage caused by such a crisis by means of follow-up reviews. We will help you with ensuring the efficiency of professional crisis PR for obtaining sustained success in restructuring your company, as well as with overcoming crises caused by unforeseen events, such as product damage, the occurrence of major disasters, etc., and thus, with maintaining or restoring important opinion patterns in the public.

Pretty often, apparently controllable corporate events like strikes, the risk of insolvency or mass layoffs are endangering the image built over many years and thus the survival of an entire company.

In a crisis situation, additional speculation and false allegations tend to develop among the public owing to an initially prevailing lack of factual information. It is imperative to meet these without delay with a specific crisis PR. Take advantage of the know-how and experience of our trained communication consultants for this purpose. They will stand by you as your competent companions in times of crisis.

Upon request , we will give you the opportunity of seeking advice from a selection of our professional consultants.