The information market offers a plethora of books and brochures, which essentially and repeatedly transport one crucial message: No matter whether you plan an investment or a succession, the success of these projects stands or falls with the quality of their preparation. Each ever so simple step must be considered well to safeguard the continued existence of what had been built in the course of years and to secure the jobs even for the future.The subsequent compilation of our recommendations is to make you familiar with the most interesting publications along with theses and practical examples. Select the model tailored to your business needs, plan the details of your project carefully and in the end you will look back on your decisions with pride.ECKHARD PRUY UNTERNEHMENSBERATUNG is at your side as a competent partner from planning through to the successful implementation thanks to hands-on, practice-oriented experience and consultants who have the ability to get the job done. to book publications

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