The primary focus of consulting is on 

- Equity investment counseling

- Recapitalisation counseling

Succession counseling  

German economy like hardly ever before is suffering from shortages of assets that are increasingly exacerbating global competition and make the search for equity capital appear inevitable. In the forefront, however, taking advantage of the extensive help programs offered by the Federal Government and the Laender should be taken into consideration. Right now subsidies, some of which have been available for years, have been confirmed and are at the disposal of small and medium-sized German enterprises under certain conditions.

At the same time, economically successful businesses are facing the issue of a succession plan. All too often there is a lack of appropriate succession potential within the family, and suddenly countless jobs are put at risk. A capital of knowledge and experience that cannot be numeralized is then unexpectedly faced with ruin, just because the effort and preparation required for a successful succession plan had been underestimated.

The following pages will help you to do it in a different way, to do it right and to keep alive enterprises laboriously built up in the course of many years with the help of equity capital and a sophisticated succession plan and to respond to any emergency in a timely manner.