Looking for a challenge, the close contact with decision makers, a visible result of your project work? Then you are exactly right here. At ECKHARD PRUY UNTERNEHMENSBERATUNG you will make use of your practical experience in addition to your comprehensive theoretical knowledge. Thus the client attaches great importance to something quite crucial: the practicability of our recommendations. For independent of all formulas and application principles, the customer is above all an individual - in his history, his organizational structure and especially in the composition of the people who support him in his everyday work: his employees.

Play your part with us, with humanity, social understanding but also the willingness to think and act in an entrepreneurial way in order to safeguard our clients’ stability and success in the long run.

Among the wide range of management consultancy companies approved in Germany, we have specialized on the main consulting topics of Recapitalisation counseling, succession plans and contingency planning and within the last years became renowned among distinguished partners, banks and savings banks. We make a decisive point of the applicability of our advisory recommendations as well as their socially acceptable feasibility to the advantage of the entrepreneur, without entailing disproportionate detrimental effects for his employees.

Be a part of our success story and bring up ideas and solutions. Your contact person for questions relating to staff matters is Mr. Michael Beneck. You can contact him at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. A selection of current job advertisements of our Hamburg and Berlin business locations is to be found here .