"Basel III", also known as "New Basel proprietary capital agreements" is much talked about. Especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are exposed to new problem fields in financing. The allready individual assessment of creditworthiness of enterprises demanded in the dispute about "Basel II" presupposes powerful rating systems applied by the credit institutions. Here mainly the internal rating systems of savings banks and cooperative credit associations (BVR II) will be of future great importance for a great many of enterprises operating in Germany. The new versions of these rating systems will in the future be uniformly applied on a nationwide basis by the respective groups of banks.Detailed information about the systems, the key data used there, their formulas and weighting are not disclosed by the banks, and therefore are not accessible to enterprises and debtors without further ado. At the same time they act directly on the creditworthiness and interest expenses of the SMEs.

To be sure the means of an external rating are available to any organization, but this is a time-consuming and costly process avoided by quite a few entrepreneurs. First of all, what is called "soft rating indicators" should be verified with respect to their status quo.

At this point, ECKHARD PRUY UNTERNEHMENSBERATUNG consultants will start to act on your behalf. Our expertise is focused on the conceptual preparation of a transfer of business. Similarly we will prepare your company for the hopefully never occurring case that you as the proprietor or Managing Director due to an accident, illness or anything even worse should suddenly no longer be able to pull the strings of the enterprise, to take important decisions or to continue acting your part as a leadership personality.For after all also the banks and savings banks want to know what preparations for a transfer of business have been made or how functional the company would remain in the event of an unexpected retreat of your person.We will accompany you on this track, show you what kind of preparation is needed and the positive effects thereof on your future rating. Our consultants are at your disposition for an initial consultation with discretion and truthfulness.Continue to contact

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